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Processed Food (OTS) Cans (Flattened & Built Up) for fruit pulps, vegetables,etc.

Our motive is to provide our clients the trusted products that can be used in different fields.
Open Top Sanitary Cans - A rigid metal container which can be hermetically sealed for packing of thermally and non-thermally processed foods and drinks like fruit and vegetable products, synthetic beverages, meat and fish products, dairy products, instant coffee, instant tea, etc.
• Offers Highest shelf life.
• Highest Barrier properties to oxygen, moisture, bacteria, sun light and rodents etc.
• Tamper proof/ Leak Proof
• Stackable
• Excellent printability & graphics.
• Re-cycle able and hence eco-friendly
• Convenient with easy opening
• Shelf Stable (i.e. no cold chain required)
• Needs no secondary packaging
• Ensures the right nutritional values of the product until opened.