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Re-Closable Cans/ Tobacco Cans
Environment Friendly

Complete environment friendly option for packing zarda / pan masala / other dry products.

The Tobacco Tin Containers maintain the flavor and aroma of Tobacco and retain the freshness and purity of it. These circular tins are ideal for packaging and storing as tin does not contaminate Tobacco. Moreover, the Tobacco Tin Containers maintain its freshness & flavor. Even in joint locked condition, we give an air-tight feel to the container by use of our automatic joint locking line.

With the increasing awareness on hygiene and safety of the product everybody would like to opt for packaging medium which would offer safety, reliability and aesthetics while being consumed and all these qualities would undoubtedly is offered by tin cans. It not only offers highest barrier properties from Oxygen, moisture, bacteria but it also acts as an excellent barrier from rodents and other pests to ensure that the product is safe inside the pack till it is finally consumer.

Other distinct advantages:-

• Plain or Printed with Hard Rolled Gloss
• Varnish or Wrinkle Varnish
• Normal Joint locking
• Inside Food Grade Lacquer
• Offers Highest shelf life
• Highest barrier properties to oxygen, moisture, bacteria, sun light and rodents etc.
• Tamper proof / leak proof
• Stackable
• Excellent printability and graphics
• Recyclable and hence eco-friendly
• Convenient to open and close
• Easy to store
• Needs no secondary packaging